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Vision Therapy

What is Vivid Vision?

Vivid vision is a new powerful virtual reality technology used to apply this vision therapy. It is designed to motivate children and adults to improve vision and perceptual skills through 3D tests and challenges. The behavioural optometrist and vision therapist tailor and monitor your progress through these interactive challenges and exercises to improve and correct visual problems such as amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (eye turn) and eye coordination disorders.

This virtual technology is very motivating and improves vision therapy outcomes. 

Eyecare Plus Altona and Vision Advantage is proud to be one of only 370 practices world wide to have the Vivid Vision virtual reality vision training program. 

How is Vivid Vision different than other Vision Therapy?

Vivid Vision is the first device to combine vision therapy training with virtual reality   exercises and challenges. They  are delivered through a virtual reality headset are  expertly constructed to improve visual skills for people with amblyopia and strabismus, improve depth perception (3D) skills and improve  many other visual problems such as visual memory. The technology stimulates the brain to use both eyes together as a team and strengthen binocular vision and depth perception.

Activities are selected and designed by the Behavioural optometrist for each individual therapy program and the therapist monitors their performance and makes adjustments according to the games progress. 


What is involved?

  • A comprehensive examination is first conducted by our Behavioural Optometrist.
  • A customised vision therapy program will be discussed and created for your condition.
  • Your in-office visit will be with our accredited Vision Therapist.
  • Home activities will be required during your program. The commitment at home is about 10- 15 minutes per day and we will provide all your equipment.
  • Regular review appointments with your optometrist will assess your progress.

Can Vivid Vision be used at home?

A home program can be used by suitable candidates as an adjunct to the in-office therapy sessions.

What is the research behind Vivid Vision?

A study conducted by UVEA Mediklinik was released in 2015 with patients using the Vivid Vision device. In that study, 60% of patients showed an increase in visual acuity of 1-3 lines after just 8, forty-five minute sessions of Vivid Vision. Vivid rVision reports over 95% success rate from patients treated due to the immersive effect of virtual reality and the fun and intuitive games.