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Our History

Eyecare Plus Altona is an independent, Australian owned business in the heart of Altona.  We were originally located at Altona gate shopping centre for over 30 years but decided that Altona Village was the best spot for our new location. Here we have more space including 2 consultation room and a large vision therapy room for our vision therapy clinic, known as Vision Advantage. You’ll find us right next to the dentist. You’ll see an incredible artwork on the wall outside our new practice. See how many eyes you can find!    

Liz Muller

Principal Optometrist

Liz received her Optometry degree from the Queensland University of Technology in 1990. She has post-graduate training in behavioural optometry and vision therapy. This interest grew from wearing glasses as a child and participating in vision therapy aged 5 for a lazy eye. Liz completed the behavioural optometry component of the UNSW Masters of Optometry in 2002 and then completed fellowship of the Australasian college of behavioural optometry (ACBO). Liz provides full scope optometry care for glasses, contact lenses and eye health, and is also interested in managing myopia (shortsighted) progression. Liz is passionate about the changes that can occur by training the connection between the eyes and the brain. She has developed programs that work with vision problems impacting on reaching our full potential at school and life; including eye movement problems, convergence insufficiency, turned or lazy eye, and also children with special needs. Liz is also interested in working with adults who may have vision problems and adults with neurological conditions. You are never too young or too old to improve your vision.

Dr. Susan Martinez


Susan is a therapeutically endorsed optometrist with experience in a variety of Independent and Corporate Optometry practises across Australia. She graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2015, and completed an externship at University of Waterloo in Toronto, Canada. She has also participated in volunteer missions in Cambodia. Susan strongly believes that education is key, and aims to ensure that every patient leaves informed and feeling in control of their ocular care.

Susan enjoys cooking, reading and travelling in her spare time while also spoiling her niece and nephew

Melissa Turner

Vision Therapist

Melissa graduated from Latrobe university with a Bachelor of Arts and diploma of Education. She was a primary school teacher for 12 years. Melissa is an accredited vision therapist with ACBO. Melissa is excited about the process of vision therapy and the changes that she sees in her young charges. Her knowledge of training, child development, and the visual system all help with the positive outcomes in our vision therapy programs.

Melissa has 3 young, very energetic sons, one with a lazy eye who she is currently putting through the vision therapy program. She is a strong part of her community in Point Cook and is actively involved in fundraising at her children’s school. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys Friday night movies with her boys, jigsaw puzzles and family adventures.

Mariah Dowler

Eyewear consultant

Mariah is our youngest member of staff and is really enjoying learning all there is to know about eyewear. She especially knows what our more grown up kids like to wear in glasses. Mariah loves being with her friends and helping her mum in her business too.