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Vision Therapy

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy or Vision Training is much more than just “eye exercises”. It is a progressive method of retraining how the brain, eyes and body work together. It a boost to improved learning. It can be useful for both children and adults. This tailored  program  is designed to re-train and enhance  your  process visual information around you and these skills can then be applied to improved reading, learning and concentration. It can be the difference between struggling with learning and succeeding with learning.

Why Vision Therapy?

A Behavioural Optometrist should not only test your sight, but also your many visual skills, brain perceptual skills and visual motor skills. They should also take holistic approach and decide if glasses or Vision Therapy are the best option for you to enable your eyes, your sight and your brain to work seamlessly together.

Vision Therapy may be used to improve:

  • eye aiming (tracking or following with the eyes)
  • visual attention (fixation & use of peripheral vision)
  • eye teaming / convergence  (the ability to point both eyes accurately at the same time)
  • focusing (ability to change focus from far to close)
  • strabismus (eye turn)
  • amblyopia (lazy eye / poor eyesight)
  • visual information processing.