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Behavioural Optometry

What is behavioural optometry?

Vision Therapy or Vision Training is much more than just “eye exercises”. It is a progressive method of retraining how the brain, eyes and body work together. It’s a boost to improved learning, and can be useful for both children and adults. This tailored program is designed to re-train and enhance your process visual information around you and these skills can then be applied to improved reading, learning and concentration. It can be the difference between struggling with learning and succeeding with learning.

A behavioural optometrist will assess the health of the eye and the ability of the eyes to see to the bottom line on the letter chart but they will also assess the ability of the focus or accommodation, convergence and directed eye movements. These mechanical movements must be able to work together easily and efficiently throughout the school or working day and are referred to as the Visual Skills. If too much effort is going into these visual skills then it will detract from a person’s performance and can lead to a lack of attention, poor schoolwork, fatigue, frustration, and avoidance behaviours.