Our Optometry Clinic in Altona helps to develop and improve visual skills so that children can achieve their highest potential for a great life of learning and opportunity

Behavioural Optometry

A Behavioural Optometrist tests not only sight, but also many visual, brain perceptual, and visual motor skills. They take a holistic approach and decide if glasses or Vision Therapy are the best option for you to enable your eyes, your sight and your brain to work seamlessly together.

Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is a tailored program designed to re-train and enhance how you process visual information. These skills can be applied to improved reading, learning, and concentration – It can be the difference between struggling or succeeding with learning.


Our optometrist Liz Muller has been practicing since 1990. She is on the examination board of the Australian College of Behavioural Optometry, and a member of the  Optometry Association Australia (OAA). Liz applies herself in many areas of developing vision and eye effectiveness for learning.

The Vision Advantage Difference

We are passionate about helping people to get the best out of their vision, and we understand that having the best visual outcomes is not just about seeing 20/20.

Our optometrist Liz Muller, has a special interest in behavioural optometry and vision therapy. Our purpose is to assist everyone who visits our practice to reach their full visual potential.

We listen and take the time to understand each of our client’s individual visual requirements and then deliver a tailored eye care solution to optimise their vision.

As a friendly, professional team we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our personalised service which combines with our knowledge and experience to ensure you reach your best visual performance.


Vivid Vision

Vivid Vision is an innovative Virtual Reality technology that is very successful with delivering great results for a group of eye disorders.

It is designed to motivate children and adults to improve vision and perceptual skills through 3D tests and challenges.

The Behavioural Optometrist and Vision Therapists tailor and monitor your progress through these interactive
challenges and exercises to improve and correct visual problems.

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