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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy for convergence and focusing skills

Convergence insufficiency is a condition where the brain cannot use two eyes together well for near working distances. It can result in symptoms of blur, headache, double vision, words moving on the page, eyestrain, and difficulties with attention and concentration.

Our focus system is like a camera. We need to be able to change focus depending on where we’re looking, maintain clear focus at a particular point (a word on a page) and rapidly change focus from one point to another (copying from the board to the book).

When these skills are not well developed, energy is directed away from the brain and learning, and concentrated on trying to keep our eyes working. This is a lot of hard work and can make reading and learning laborious and tiring.

Vision Therapy can assist, overcome or minimise some learning difficulties by improving how efficiently our eyes work.

Vision Therapy has normally been successful with a combined home and in office set of tailored  programs. However, it now also be trained with advanced virtual reality training exercises with Vivid Vision technology.