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Vision Therapy

Have you ever heard someone say ‘that player has great vision’?

Have you ever heard someone say ‘that player has great vision’?

Sports commentators often describe a player’s ability to accurately judge where other players or the goals are without looking, as ‘great vision’.

This ability has nothing to do with the player’s ‘clarity of vision’; it is about peripheral awareness and efficient visual function. Some sports people have these skills naturally, others need to learn to develop them!

Vision training activities are a structured series of exercises designed to maximise the efficiency of specific visual skills required for all different types of sports.

So if your sport involves vision (and let’s face it – most do) then consider a vision examination about your specific sport and its visual requirements.

Benefits of Vision Therapy

Typical improvements noted as a result of our vision therapy program include:

  • improved concentration;
  • increased interest in reading, along with better comprehension and speed;
  • improved focusing ability and control;
  • reduction or removal of eyestrain or headaches symptoms following visual tasks;
  • reduction in light sensitivity;
  • improved depth perception;
  • improved night vision;
  • clearer vision;
  • improved peripheral vision awareness or spatial awareness.
  • gain straight looking eyes in strabismus.