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Safety prescription lenses

When considering prescription safety glasses, it is important to know that one of the most significant parts of safety glasses are the lenses.

lthough polycarbonate is still the most commonly used industry standard lens, Trivex, a new advance in safety lens technology which meets the AS/NZs1337.6:2007, is now being used in more and more cases for improved optics and chemical protection.

  • Improved impact resistance, more than polycarbonate
  • Offer less distortion through the lens, leading to wider fields of view.  Better peripheral vision for  better for situational awareness
  • 10% lighter than polycarbonate
  • Signficantly higher resistance to chemical exposure than polycarbonate
  • Can be tinted for prescription sunglasses up to 80% density tint

Another advance in prescription safety lens technology is the use of  lasers to digitally cut and surface prescription lenses.  These laser cut lenses, called “Free form “ lenses are now being used in more and more cases for improved optics and in safety glasses with high curvature or “wrap”.

  • Lenses are ground, cut and designed with laser instead of standard machine lathes
  • Laser design enables more customization and high definition optics, sharper vision. Any material such as Trivex, and any style of lens such and multifocal or single vision can be made with Freeform laser design.
  • Creates automatically thinner, and therefore lighter more comfortable lenses
  • Widens field of  view and improves peripheral vision  in all frames, in particular  frames with significant “wrap/curvature” , leading to improved situational awareness by reducing blind spots.

Our commitment to you

Warranties & Peace of Mind

We will:

  1. Choose your lens based on what is the best lens design and material for your visual needs
  2. Provide you with all cleaning solutions and lens cleaning cloths FREE for the life of your glasses
  3. Provide you with FREE servicing and adjustments for the life of your glasses
  4. Provide you with FREE cases to keep your glasses protected
  5. Use local fitting labs, supporting local industry in Australia
  6. Give your glasses a FREE ultrasonic clean, to make your eyewear look brand new again, after 12 months
  7. Guarantee all our treatments to your satisfaction
  8. Provide you with a FREE second frame for a spare pair, so that you are never without your glasses (conditions apply).

We will NOT:

  1. Give you the option of only one lens brand, based on preferred supplier agreements and profit.
  2. Sell you glasses and then give up on you if you have trouble adjusting to the prescription. You are always welcome back to see us.
  3. Charge you extra for the necessary cleaning materials & cases to keep your glasses in good condition. Replacement nose pads are provided free of charge for frames supplied by us.