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Durability and Safety

While kids may want glasses frames with a specific color or brand, parents generally want something that’s going to last.

Look for kid’s frames with features such as spring hinges (which let the frame’s temples bend in both directions) and flexible frame materials (which can withstand accidents such as sitting on frames or over-bending the temples when taking glasses on and off). These durability features reduce your costs over time. Such items that improve a frame’s durability will reduce  your overall costs.

Polycarbonate or Trivex lenses are the best choice for children’s eyewear. These lightweight and very impact-resistant lenses offer the best combination of comfort and safety.

Our commitment to you

Warranties & Peace of Mind

We will:

  1. Choose your lens based on what is the best lens design and material for your visual needs
  2. Provide you with all cleaning solutions and lens cleaning cloths FREE for the life of your glasses
  3. Provide you with FREE servicing and adjustments for the life of your glasses
  4. Provide you with FREE cases to keep your glasses protected
  5. Use local fitting labs, supporting local industry in Australia
  6. Give your glasses a FREE ultrasonic clean, to make your eyewear look brand new again, after 12 months
  7. Guarantee all our treatments to your satisfaction
  8. Provide you with a FREE second frame for a spare pair, so that you are never without your glasses (conditions apply).

We will NOT:

  1. Give you the option of only one lens brand, based on preferred supplier agreements and profit.
  2. Sell you glasses and then give up on you if you have trouble adjusting to the prescription. You are always welcome back to see us.
  3. Charge you extra for the necessary cleaning materials & cases to keep your glasses in good condition. Replacement nose pads are provided free of charge for frames supplied by us.