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What are Blue light glasses?

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What is blue light?

Blue light is part of normal sunlight that we are exposed to every day and is a healthy part of normal light. However it can be both good and bad for us depending on the circumstances.

We all understand about the good and bad effects of UV light that is part of natural sunlight. We know that exposure to UV light is from sunlight is important for Vitamin D production,  but  we also know the excessive U Vlight can cause sunburn, skin cancers,  and eye health issues such as cataract and macula degeneration  Although it is a normal and health part of life, in excessive amounts it can cause damage our body. 

Similarly expose to blue light outdoors, which s is a normal part of sunlight,  is good for us as it stimulates us and makes us more alert. At night when it is dark, or indoors under electric lights, there is minimal blue light and so our body is therefore not as stimulated. and starts the process of falling into a sleep pattern. However,  It is only  recently we have begun to appreciate the damaging that high amounts of blue light can have on our eyes, particularly the blue light  coming from digital screens such as monitors, phones and laptops.  

How Does Blue light affect me?

Normally the decreased blue light at night signals our  body to generate sleep hormones like melatonin and so we become tired and fall asleep.. Blue light from screens however disrupts these signals and less melatonin is generated. As our bodies associate blue light with daytime, when we are exposed to blue light in the evening or at night from mobile phones or monitors we become more stimulated and more alert, as though it is daytime. So blue light alters and  disrupts sleep patterns and sleep quality and makes it harder to fall asleep

How can Blue Light glasses help me?

Glasses that filter Blue light are an important way of ensuring that expose to blue light from screens at night will be minimized. Importantly glasses with blue light filters   result  in less disruption of melatonin production and a more normal sleep pattern .

Almost any glasses lenses can be coated with a blue light filter. This blue light coating normally also includes and antireflection coating, which reduces reflections from off the lenses, from overhead lights and minimizes glare from car head lights and monitors.

Ask you optometrist or our staff about how a Blue Filer coating can help you. 

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