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Recently Liz was interviewed by a journalist for a newspaper article about her practice. The following was taken from the finished article: Behavioural Optometrist Liz Muller has a personal interest and strong understanding of vision development for children and adults. “When I was three years old I was diagnosed with a turned eye and ‘lazy’ eye and understand how this can affect children, but it can be corrected,” Ms Muller says.  “Studies show that about 80 per cent of learning involves vision so regular eye examinations every two years should be a priority for school-aged children. Most children don’t understand the negative effect that focussing problems can have on their reading – often the only sign is they don’t read as much as they used to or avoid it.” “Eyecare Plus and Vision Advantage is a specialist in children’s vision with behavioural optometry and vision therapy available for many eye conditions” . Liz is one of three optometrists at the independent family-based practice who each have a special interest in paediatric optometry. The optometrist says behavioural optometry is a specialised area which treats not only focusing and eye teaming problems but also tracking skills, visual memory when reading and eye motor skills such as handwriting. “This area of testing and training relates to visual issues which may impact on children with dyslexia.” Meanwhile, vision therapy is an advanced treatment to improve and correct many vision and focussing conditions that create learning and comprehension difficulties, Ms Muller says. “Vision therapy can improve and correct ‘lazy eye’ and turned eyes for children and adults. People are never too old or young to improve their visual condition.” The optometrists screen for eye diseases, including cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration and use digital retina imaging. They  also have designer frames for babies through to adults and stock prescription sunglasses that are fashionable and durable. The team also supply clients with complimentary glasses with each purchase of a pair.

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