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School Readiness

Vision is used for almost 80% of learning. Ironically, vision problems can be hard to see! Many children won’t complain of vision problems. They can adapt very well to the conditions that they are used to as they don’t know how things look to anyone else. An eyetest before school is very important to assess general eyesight, and to ensure that a child has enough strength in their visual system to begin using their vision at a much higher demand. Without well developed eyesight, eye alignment and focus skills, energy is directed to the visual system, rather than to the task of learning. Regular vision examinations during school are important to ensure that visual skills stay strong as demands increase.

A comprehensive vision examination for children considers the development of the child’s vision in relation to overall development, general health and lifestyle. Every part of development can affect how our how a child’s vision develops. This is also important for our adults who have visual efficiency problems.