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Thank you for choosing us as you Optometrist to help you with your eyecare and vision. We have provided independent eyecare to the people in and around Altona for over 30 years and we look forward to helping you.

The following information is provided to ensure a smooth transition into our practice:

  1. If you are a new client to our practice, please fill in our Welcome to our Practice form- It has information relating to your upcoming experience in our practice and it will help speed up your check in process.

    We have an online Welcome to our Practice form below, or if you prefer, download and complete our Welcome to our Practice form and bring it with you to your appointment.

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  2. Please bring in the following items with you to your appointment:
    a. Your current clear prescription glasses and your current ( prescription /non prescription) sunglasses
    b. Your contact lens boxes/packaging and contact lens case
    c. Any eyedrops you are using currently
    d. Medicare card
    e. Health Insurance card ( if applicable)
    f. Doctor referral/report letters( if applicable)
    e. Payment cards or cash

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Erin Grant ( Manager)
Susan Martinez ( Optometrist)
Elizabeth Muller ( Optometrist)

Common FAQ’s

How often do I need an eye examination?

Children require an eye examination from 4 years of age onwards to determine if their eye health and vision is developing normally. If your child is younger than this age and you have a concern about possible vision or eye health issues you should arrange an appointment for them immediately. From 4 years of age a regular eye examination every 2 years is recommended.

Adults up to the age of 65 should also have a regular eye examination every two year to monitor eye health and vision.

Adults over 65 years of age should have an eye examination every year as changes to eye health and vision occur more frequently in this age group.

Location Details:

90 Railway Street, Altona, VIC, 3018, Australia

Online Welcome to Practice Form

Pupil Dilation: As part of your comprehensive eye examination it may be necessary to dilate the pupils of your eyes to more thoroughly examine the retina. Some people cannot drive for a few hours after the pupil dilation. If this test is required do you prefer us to:
OCT Imaging: This scan examines the deeper layers of the eye and helps detect changes in eye health much earlier than a standard eye test. We recommend this as a baseline for all new patients to our practice and for those with risk factors. Your Optometrist will discuss this further with you if they believe it is required and the fee is $70
Contact Lenses: If you have an interest in contact lenses let the Optometrist know and they will assess to see if you are suitable for contact lenses during your initial bulk billed visit. Prescribing, fitting and training for use of contact lenses requires two visits and is $150
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